To D or not to D: Working towards an amicable divorce

Caught between tradition and modernity, most Indians have mixed feelings about divorce. Divorce is never the easy option in the face of marital toxicity. But sometimes it’s a necessary one, even if the last resort. To help couples navigate the minefields in the divorce terrain, To D or Not to D explores the phenomenon in depth and looks at some things they may never have thought about but which they probably should before taking such a life-changing decision. As always, Dr Vijay Nagaswami, best-selling author of the New Indian Marriage series, takes the reader down roads that need to be travelled with a light tread, pointing out along the way what one needs to keep in mind before taking a decision and that if indeed the decision to D has to be taken, an amicable divorce is neither a mirage nor an oxymoron.

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3's A Crowd : Understanding and Surviving Infidelity

It is not only the aggrieved partner that needs to learn how to
recover from the shock and pain caused by a breach of faith. The
perpetrator is equally a victim of the affair.

It is a myth that only ”。Breitling Bentley Replicaa men have affairs. Who do you think are the ones they're
having their affairs with?

Affairs are not the product of our times. Infidelity has pervaded our
history, myths and culture since time immemorial. Modern
technology and freer mingling of the sexes only slightly help.

Such surprises and insightful observations abound in yet another
robust book by renowned relationships counsellor Vijay Nagaswami, in
the third of Westland's 'New Indian Marriage' series.

More than humour, more than his wit, Nagaswami's greatest quality is
his refusal to identify the villain in any piece. We are all flawed
individuals, he reminds us yet again, and sometimes make foolish
choices in the heat -- or boredom -- of the moment. But hope is at
hand. We can regret, forgive and learn to love again. And, most
importantly, cast away our ”。Hublot Replicaa guilt and our recriminations.

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The Fifty-50 Marriage : Return to Intimacy

Young couples who have read The 24 X 7 Marriage: Smart Strategies for Good Beginnings, Dr Vijay Nagaswami’s 2008 bestseller, may be asking themselves: ‘What now? What  if the magic leaves us?’ Couples married for more than three years may be asking themselves: panerai replica‘Where has our marriage gone?’

The Fifty-50 Marriage: Return to Intimacy, the second in Nagaswami’s series on the ‘New Indian Marriage’, caters to such readers as have moved on—to committed relationships that may have nevertheless lost some of their earlier spark.

But it is never too late to reignite it, says this self-help book. 

Nagaswami, trusted counsellor to thousands of couples around the country, once more leads his readers with ”。Rolex Replica a firm hand (and gentle wit) to new places they can take their marriage. Where romantic love cedes to intimate love and where passion ”。Replica Rolex morphs into sexual love. Where the relationship becomes an equal partnership -  a Fifty-50 marriage

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The 24 x 7 Marriage : Smart Strategies for Good Beginnings

Why would an age-old institution require new treatment? Because, says Dr Vijay Nagaswami, it is a fact of modern life that people are foundering even harder in their pursuit of that holy grail of marriage: happiness. In The ”。Rolex Day-Date Replica 24x7 Marriage he points, with skill and humour, to some popularly posed questions - and their somewhat startling solutions - that couples must ideally address before they affix a date to their wedding invitations...or as soon as possible after.

In this witty and inspirational book, the first in a Westland series addressing The New Indian Marriage, psychiatrist Vijay Nagaswami shows you the way to your own answers.

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Courtship and Marriage - A Guide for Indian Couples

Do you, like many modern Indian couples,  worry about your marriage? Do you feel that your most intimate relationship could be more fulfilling? Do you wonder how you and your partner can attain a deeper level of love? Would you like to know how you can get more out of your ”。"TAG Heuer Monaco Replicaa marriage? Psychiatrist and marital therapist Dr. Vijay Nagaswami offers advice to today’s Indian couples who want to strengthen their marital relationship. Dr. Nagaswami expertly guides partners through problems that spouses face routinely and identifies challenges encountered in both arranged and love marriages.

Written in an accessible and informal style, the book addresses questions that partners need to ask themselves and each other and suggests ways to explore solutions. It combines real and fictionalized accounts to illustrate the more common difficulties of”。"Harry Winston Project Z Replica modern marriage and describes practical steps towards resolutions and personal growth. Intended for all couples and not only ‘dysfunctional’ ones, this is an indispensable resource for one of the least understood and discussed aspects of contemporary Indian life.

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