Connect Right Programmes

The Connect Right Programmes address different groups of individuals and couples in varying formats depending on what the couple wants.

The Connect Right Conversations are intimate, small group discussions on a variety of subjects pertaining to marriage. Typically each two-hour session would be for a group consisting of married individuals or couples. Personal sharing is not expected but will not be discouraged. Each session will be fairly intense and examine a particular theme in depth.

The following will be some of the themes the Conversations will address:
Needs and Expectations,
Togetherness and Connectedness,
Me and My Family Vs You and Your Family
Who’s the Boss?
Fighting Smart
Children in the Marriage
Intimacy and Closeness
Smart Communication Basics
Work-Marriage Balance
Relationship Boundaries

The Connect Right Seminars are for slightly larger groups of people (typically in a corporate setting) and are generally more wide than deep, but give the attendees an overview of the issue being addressed. Each seminar will be conducted over three hours and will have a few exercises that the attendees can engage in to make the process more experiential. The seminars will address similar themes as the Conversations but will be less intimate and interactive.

The Connect Right Workshops are typically more intense, more participatory and spread out over one or two days preferably as a retreat away from home or work, where couples can learn how to connect or reconnect with each other in a peaceful environment. Each workshop is restricted to between ten and twenty couples and some degree of participation will be expected though privacy will not be intruded upon. The usual workshop format of experiential learning through exercises and activities using dramatised scenarios is adopted. Two workshops are offered:

The 24x7 Marriage Workshop: Laying the Foundations
This workshop is targeted at recently married couples and will help them understand how to lay the foundations for their marriage.

The Fifty-50 Marriage Workshop: Return to Intimacy
This workshop focuses on couples who’ve been married a few years, find themselves drifting away from each other and want to recapture the intimacy they once shared.

The Connect Right Programmes are offered in two settings. The first of these are open programmes intended for anyone who’s interested in participating in them. Such programmes will be announced from time to time to those who have expressed interest and will be conducted at accessible venues. They can be conducted in different cities in the country provided there are enough registrations. Also, either formal or informal groups of individuals can request an exclusive event for the group. If you are interested in attending a conversation, seminar or workshop, or requesting one for a group of people you know, please do get in touch at

Aside of open events, the Connect Right Programmes are also offered as Corporate events. Details of these are available from

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