3's A Crowd : Understanding and Surviving Infidelity

• It is not only the aggrieved partner that needs to learn how to recover from the shock and pain caused by a breach of faith. The perpetrator is equally a victim of the affair.

• It is a myth that only ”。Breitling Bentley Replicaa men have affairs. Who do you think are the ones they're having their affairs with?

• Affairs are not the product of our times. Infidelity has pervaded our history, myths and culture since time immemorial. Modern technology and freer mingling of the sexes only slightly help.

Such surprises and insightful observations abound in yet another robust book by renowned relationships counsellor Vijay Nagaswami, in the third of Westland's 'New Indian Marriage' series.

More than humour, more than his wit, Nagaswami's greatest quality is his refusal to identify the villain in any piece. We are all flawed individuals, he reminds us yet again, and sometimes make foolish choices in the heat -- or boredom -- of the moment. But hope is at hand. We can regret, forgive and learn to love again. And, most importantly, cast away our ”。Hublot Replicaa guilt and our recriminations.

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